Stepping into Rhythm with Miranda Rondeau

A 3 week series in developing a sense of time : Weaving rhythm through stepping, hands and voice

No experience needed

No drum needed ( Note we will not be using drums )

We are rhythmic beings. Come explore without the use of drums and ground into the pulse.

We launch with a foundation of Layne Redmond inspired practices. A wholistic approach to feeding and integrating rhythm in our body. We will embody how time is divided.

An element of melody will be incorporated as another layer of learning.

This is also great preparation for any kind of drumming and works perfectly for frame drumming.

*Our feet become our metronome, our heart beat and foundation. Our hands our divider of time and marker of accents. Our voice will be a mix of both with a added touch of melody.

*Introduction to basic music concepts .

*We will work in different metered time cycles.

Experience how each feels. Observe . Track.

These began as short practices in the Frame Drum Circle Song classes that were in person and prepared everyone to walk, drum and sing as well as process. We will spend a deeper dive into the practice. It's something I've been wanting to do for a grand while.

These are staple practices I still do over the years. If you are ever thinking to teach then get as much of these skills in your body as possible.

It's a great skill to cultivate.

Optional - bring ankle bells

Will include PDF's and homework

Suggested way to take the 3 week course is do one workshop a week with practice inbetween for the best progress and body memory.


NOTE : Access to viewing course is 4 months from purchase. Please plan your workshops accordingly with enough time to complete it.


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