Miranda Rondeau is an internationally recognized devotional singer, musician, and frame drum artist. She has been teaching the craft since 1999, as encouraged by her late teacher Layne Redmond, author of the seminal book, When the Drummers Were Women.

Miranda has created and teaches a repertoire of frame drum "circle songs" as a way of sacred remembrance. She performs in a ceremonial context, playing for rites of passage and communal bonding.

She performed together with her students for house recitals, and public events.Miranda has taught in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and throughout California.

She taught at The Asheville Percussion Festival and has performed at Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival, Germany, International Biblical Frame Drum Festival, North American Frame Drum Festival, California and the First American Frame Drum Gathering.

She has studied with various teachers including David Kuckherman, Alessandra Belloni, Zohar Fresco and is currently studying with Yshai Afterman.

Miranda is often a guest presenter or drum teacher for online schools or programs like the Shift Network with Krista Holland, Global Rhythm Sangha with Christine Steven,

School of the Sacred Wild, New Earth Mystery School and women’s online retreats

Miranda created and maintains the online presence for “Women Frame Drumming,” dedicated to Layne Redmond.
She is dedicated in reclaiming the frame drum as a sacred tool of remembrance

Dragonfly Music Video

Live Recorded Workshop

An Introduction to Dragonfly.

Stories behind song, composition and video

Pre-requisite: Previous studies (Level 2 ) knowing names of strokes, how to play them, how to play patterns fludly upon hearing it recited. How to read drum notation

WOW! Just watched the replay. That was breath taking and wonderful. Thank you for Sharing this unique opportunity to learn this song. ~ Alliso Caruso

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"Dragonfly" is my expression of devotion with the frame drum and a tribute to the rich history, tradition, and lineage of women frame drum players.

Dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, a song of remembrance, the language of the heart.

We will learn the opening rhythms of the composition
it's breakdown, counts and stroke sequences.
We will learn and sing the lyrics

Our time together

*Opening song Invocation
*Story behind song, composition & Video
* Lap position
*Drum Warm ups of strokes used in opening composition
*Learn stroke patterns and sequence of opening rhythms
*Breakdown the counts of opening rhythms
*Learn uniqure stroke techiniques
*Learn and sing lyrics
*PDF of lyrics
*PDF of opening patterns part 1 and part 2 of the introduction of the composition

Recording available for 21 days from the date of registration.
Please create the space in your schedule before registering. You will want to review the recording more than once with practice in between to get knew strokes embodied. Please plan wisely.

2021 was the first time teaching Dragonfly a 9 week journey that was a crash course and required hours of practice each week.

Dragonfly art by Sunny Solwind

Sunny Solwind art created for the video that you'll see at the closing scene of the music video.

Sunny was also the first person to learn the composition which he did on his own by recording it and studying it.

Women Frame Drum players

At the time of producing Dragonfly video I wanted to honor the rich history of women frame drummers as well as present players known at the time who were actively playing, teaching presenting and performing.
This was also symbolizing all women frame drummers of the present.

Ancient images of women frame drummers

The ancient images of women frame drumming is a way to honor the rich history of the women who played the frame drum.
Thank you to Layne Redmond for contributing and gifting some of the images from her collection.

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