Specializing in weaving rhythm and voice.
Frame drum instruction
Frame Drum Circle Song
Integrating walking, drumming and voice
Vocal Exploration

Miranda Rondeau is an internationally recognized devotional singer, musician, and frame drum artist. She has been teaching the craft since 1999, as encouraged by her late teacher Layne Redmond, author of the seminal book, When the Drummers Were Women.
Miranda has created and teaches a repertoire of frame drum "circle songs" as a way of sacred remembrance. She performs in a ceremonial context, playing for rites of passage and communal bonding.
She performed together with her students for house recitals, and public events.Miranda has taught in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and throughout California.
She taught at The Asheville Percussion Festival and has performed at Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival, Germany, International Biblical Frame Drum Festival, North American Frame Drum Festival, California and the First American Frame Drum Gathering.
She has been special guest teacher or presenter in different online schools and programs including Shiftnet Work, College of the Melissae, Global Rhythm Sangha, New Earth Mystery School, and School of the Sacred Wild

She also created and maintains the online presence for “Women Frame Drumming,” dedicated to Layne Redmond.

She is dedicated in reclaiming the frame drum as a sacred tool of remembrance.

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