About "Circle Songs" Sing Along recording

Frame Drum "Circle Songs" Sing Along

Come enjoy samples of the songs and sing along

ALL WELCOME - No experience or drum needed. (Drums welcomed)

This is the first time sharing frame drum "circle songs" online. Many of these songs were created in 2020 as well as from years ago. All original chants inspired by the muse and nature.

Frame Drum Circle Songs are short repetitive chants with simple lyrics, easy to learn,

meant to sing in circle. to uplift, open the heart, to remember the sacred, to honor the earth, the elements, the sun, the moon and more. These are original songs and chants taught between 2014 -2020

Our voices are our least utilized instruments we all have. Singing is vibrational medicine and together with the drum it is magnified.

IF you've been drumming with me weekly, bring your drum and drum along for a refresher.

NOTE: This is not a frame drumming class. It is a sing along.

This is a place to enjoy the samples of some of the circle songs.

Session will include

Pardon the little technical issues for the first few minutes, it will align.

Grounding meditation

Opening Drum Invocation

Introduction to what Circle Songs are.

Honor the Elements ( Drum and sing along)

Circle song sharing

* May We Walk in Beauty

*May we Remember

* I am Peace

* Each New Day

*Ancestor chant - sung by Rachel Kann

*We Celebrate the Darkness (Winter Solstice chant ) sung my Chun-mui Miller

Guitar songs that transferred to frame drum songs

*Abundance Song

*EveryWhere I Turn

*Short stories


These songs are wonderful to offer up in circle and ceremony.

They are also wonderful just for personal calmness and centeredness.

Some of these songs might be featured in a Frame Drum Circle Song Live Recorded classes on this platform or soon to be.

NOTE: I request the songs not be recorded and shared on social media

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