About Sing Along

Frame Drum Circle Songs Sing Along


Special guest Devotional Poet and ceremonialist Rachel Kann



Frame Drum Circle Songs are short repetitive chants with simple lyrics, easy to learn, meant to sing in circle. to uplift, open the heart, to remember the sacred, to honor the earth, the elements, the sun, the moon and more.

Our voices are our least utilized instruments we all have. Singing is vibrational medicine and together with the drum it is magnified.

*Please pardon our technical briefly near the end.

Session will include

Opening Drum Invocation

Introduction to what Circle Songs are.

Honor the Elements

Circle song sharing

*I Am Love

*This love

*I Surrender to Dvine Love

Guitar songs

Love Surround you

May we be on Fire

Guitar songs that transferred to frame drum songs


Abundance Song

EveryWhere I Turn

Complete and Continue