Welcome to the Heart of Frame Drum Introductory Live Recorded Workshops for 2019.

It is a signature frame drum introduction emphasizing vocal weavings refined over 20 + years

It is a fusion of Miranda Rondeau's teaching style, material along with Layne Redmond's teachings and teaching style.

At the center is Devotion

You will learn how to hold the drum, the names of the strokes, how to play the strokes and their connection

to the elements as taught by Layne Redmond via Hamza El Din, a Numbian musician, singer and frame drummer/

You will learn simple drum patterns and how to read simple drum notation.

Each teacher uses a slightly different notation.



You will need a hand played frame drum with a thumb notch or thumb hole to properly play in the upright position.

16" remo fiberskyn frame drum is what most of my students start out with.


No experience needed

It's a great Refresher course especially if you want to integrate your voice.


This course comes in 2 parts.

Part 1 Mini Frame Drum Introduction Recording

Part 2 Honoring the Elements Through Rhythm & Chant

Includes PDF and helpful notes

You'll want to download the PDF first

Includes a bonus video of an affirmation chant along with drum notation

This course will fulfill the pre-requisite for all other classes.

Thank you for choosing to have this be part of your rhythmic drum journey.

Rhythmic Blessings,


*Note the course is accessible 24/7 for 3 months so register when you know you have time unless
it's inside the "Bundle Intro" which is 1 year access.

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