Featuring Full Moon Chant Frame Drum Circle Song Class Description

This is a live recorded class from 10/3

Frame Drum Circle Song Class with Miranda Rondeau featuring "Full Moon"

*Pre-requisite - Introduction / Know how to hold the drum, know the names of strokes, how to play basic strokes, play simple patterns and read simple patterns.

Online Frame Drum Introduction Workshop live Recording available. See framedrumcirclesongs.com


For clarification this class if for the frame drums made for and played with the hands and not the mallet. You will need a frame drum with thumb notch or thumb hole

This is a full class edited down to 7 shorter videos. It is recommended to take the full class in one sitting for best progress and for acquiring a body memory. The repetition of the song will help with embodiment.

This is a basic level class that includes

*Drumming warm up exercises

*Embody how time is divided practice

* Honor Elements

* Weave voice and chant

*Call and response

*Opening Invocation

*Learn Full Moon Chant

*Breakdown of chant


*Includes PDF with lyrics and notation

Once the song is learned and embodied it is yours to sing for life.

It will become one of your songs for your tool box of chants you can sing each month.

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