Love to play this one every full moon.
It's a part of me now.
Connie M

Miranda Rondeau

Miranda Rondeau is an internationally recognized devotional singer, musician, and frame drum artist. She has been teaching the craft since 1999, as encouraged by her late teacher Layne Redmond, author of the seminal book, When the Drummers Were Women.
Miranda has created and teaches a repertoire of frame drum "circle songs" as a way of sacred remembrance. She performs in a ceremonial context, playing for rites of passage and communal bonding.
She performed together with her students for house recitals, and public events.Miranda has taught in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and throughout California.
She taught at The Asheville Percussion Festival and has performed at Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival, International Biblical Frame Drum Festival, North American Frame Drum Festival, California and the First American Frame Drum Gathering.

She also created and maintains the online presence for “Women Frame Drumming,” dedicated to Layne Redmond.

She is dedicated in reclaiming the frame drum as a sacred tool of remembrance.

This is a live recorded class from 10/3

Frame Drum Circle Song Class with

featuring "Full Moon"

*Pre-requisite - Introduction / Know how to hold the drum, know the names of strokes, how to play basic strokes, play simple patterns and read simple



For clarification this class if for the frame drums made for and played with the hands and not the mallet. You will need a frame drum with thumb notch or thumb hole

This is a full workshop edited down to 7 shorter videos. It is recommended to take the full class in one sitting for best progress and for acquiring a body memory.

The repetition of the song will help

with embodiment.

This is a basic level class

that includes

*Drumming warm up exercises

*Embody how time is divided practice

* Honor Elements

* Weave voice and chant

*Call and response

*Opening Invocation

*Learn Full Moon Chant

*Breakdown of chant


*Includes PDF with lyrics and notation

Once the song is learned and embodied it is yours to sing for life.

It will become one of your songs for

your tool box of chants you can sing

each month.

* * * * * * * * *


*Duration of Recording access

You will have 24/7 access for 2 months from time of purchase. Be sure to sign up when you can create space to learn and review..

Once the expiration date passes it will not be accessible except through registering again.

There is no extensions.

Frame Drum Circle Song featuring Full Moon Chant live recorded Workshop

for hand played frame drum.

Pre-requisite - Frame Drum Introduction

Rhythm governs all of life


When will the course begin and end?
It begins upon registration.
It is self paced. This course is accessible 24/7 for 2 months from date of registration.
Be sure to signed up when you can create space to learn and review. Once the expiration date expires there is no extension except through registering again.

Is there a pre-requisite?
Yes, you must already know how to hold, play and read drum notation and have experience with drumming and singing.
Recommend the Heart of Frame Drumming Signature Introduction.

Can I use this material to teach?

Officially this course content, material, original songs, PDF's are not offered as free ' teaching material ' 

Officially the only teaching instructions for both the drumming and singing of the chants in a workshop container is through the portal of live and recorded classes with me.

Thank you for recommending my classes to those you know who may want to learn.

Thank you for honoring my work.
Those who went through teacher training or coaching have permission to officially teach the material.
The course, and the material was created for personal use.

You are welcome to sing the songs in circle, group or event as an offering to share.