Live Recorded Frame Drum Class

Weaving rhythm & Voice

featuring I AM PEACE Chant


Pre-requisite - Introduction / Equivalent - Know how to hold the drum, know names of strokes, how to play them and play simple patterns

A simple chant to bring a space of peace and calm within.

Recording includes

*Opening Invocation Song

*Honoring the Elements with song

*Warm up rhythm exercises

*Weaving of voice

*Learn I AM PEACE chant

*Closing 6 beat rhythms


*Access Duration

Videos are accessible 24/7 for 30 days from the date of registration.

Please plan your time accordingly to complete it.

There is no extensions, so If you want to spend more time with the material, you will need to register for it again.


Dear Miranda,

 The class experience was wonderful. Your teaching approach blends in spiritual aspects of the frame drum along with basic technique to culminate with learning the beautiful peace song.

I’ve been practicing the Peace song and the meditation rhythm everyday now and I can play it by myself now.

Thank you very much for this New year present,

I’m looking forward to come to attend more of your workshops.

Diane Schreiner

Circle Dance Teacher ( Québec, Canada)

Reiki Master Teacher