Frame Drum "Circle Song" live recorded class featuring "May We Remember Our Connection"

Pre-requisite : Introduction Heart of Frame Drumming or Know how to hold the drum, know the names of strokes, how to play basic strokes and simple patterns and read simple drum notation

For clarification this class if for the frame drums made for and played with the hands and not the mallet. You will need a frame drum with thumb notch or thumb hole


This is a basic level class ( Beginner/intermediate)

*Opening Invocation

*Drumming warm up exercises

*Embody how time is divided

* Honor Elements through song

* Weave voice and chant

*Call and response singing

* PDF of chant and rhythm pattern

*Learn May We Remember Our Connection


Class closes with a prayer song for rain a sing along.


DURATION - Important

Note you will have 24/7 access for 3 months from time of purchase. Be sure to sign up when you can create space to learn and review

Once the expiration date passes it will not accessible except through registering again.

May we remember 

Our connection to the earth, Pachamama, Pachamama

Example Curriculum

  Featuring "May We Remember Our Connection " Frame Drum Circle Song live Recorded Class
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  Short supplementary videos just of the chant: Best after doing the workshop
Available in days
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May we remember out connection

to the waters, Mother Waters, Mother Waters