Live Recorded Frame Drum Circle Song Class Featuring "We Celebrate the Darkness"

( A song sang for the winter solstice)

Live Recorded Workshop from Dec. 26th for the winter solstice
Level 2

Pre-requisite - Introduction / Know names of strokes, how to play them, how to play patterns, how to read simple drum notation

This is a basic level 2 class that includes

*Opening Invocation

*Drumming warm up exercises

*Embody how time is divided

* Honor Elements through song

* Weave voice and chant

*Call and response

*Learn We Celebrate the Darkness Chant


*Learn a Sun Chant to celebrate the return of the light

*Short Supplemental Videos for We Celebrate the Darkness


DURATION - Important

Note you will have 24/7 access for 3 months from time of purchase. Be sure to sign up when you can create space to learn and review

Once the expiration date passes it will not be accessible except through registering again.

We Celebrate the Darkness

Snippet of the song on guitar.

A song to honor the dark, the night, the inner world of introspection.

"I love this song so much and am so grateful it came through you 🙏🏻🥰 It’s such an amazingly perfect wintery song! "
Ayla Daley

"Such a jewel to have this song Miranda. it’s so deep & wonderful"
Amy Dawson, Herbalist


When will the course begin and end?
It begins upon registration.
It is self paced.
You will have unlimited access for 3 months from date of purchase.
Please make room in your schedule to complete the course within 3 months.

Is there a pre-requisite?
Yes, it's highly suggested to take the Heart of Frame Drumming Introduction emphasizing weaving of voice. If you already know how to hold drum, the names of strokes, how to play them, how to play patterns and read simple drum notation then that works too.

What level of drumming is this class? Basic medium level experience.

What kind of drum do I need?
You will want a frame drum that has a thumb notch or thumb hole. This will help you to be able to reach the drum head with your holding hand to play.

I recommend 16" remo fiberskyn frame drums to start off.
You can learn more about the differences in frame drums here.

Can I use this material to officially teach in a workshop?

This material is just for personal use to learn how to drum and sing.

You can offer the songs in your circles or rituals.

Those who went through teacher training or coaching have permission to officially teach the material in a workshop setting. Teaching a friend is fine.