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Spring Back to the Basics "PRACTICE TIME" 4 week live recorded Class series SESSION #1.

This is a course recorded in the Spring of 2021 with 4 separate classes about 1 hour and ten minutes each.

It will come with notes that you can refer to after each video to have time to practice and integrate.

Please Note : The course will be accessible for 4 months from the time of purchase.

This is a basic level class with pre-requisite


Pre-requisite - Introductory Recordings or know how to hold the drum, know the names of the strokes, how to play the strokes, how to play simple patterns, how to read simple drum notation.


Layne Redmond always talked about the importance of going back to the basics and practicing an hour a day.
This will be a class to purely practice.
Layne inspired Weavings in each class.
Keeping our skills tuned up.


Evening includes

*Warm up

*Drum Exercises

*Stroke combinations for fluidity

*Stroke variations


*Bring pen and paper

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