A rhythmic reclamation of this ancient instrument as a sacred tool of remembrance through rhythm, song and symbol. Learn the art and heart of frame drumming.

All offerings in remembrance to Layne Redmond

95% of the courses are for the frame drums played and built for the hands. You will want a frame drum with a thumb notch or thumb hole to be able to hold and play with both hands.


We don't just hold a drum.
We hold all that it represents.
We become its voice
and it becomes a portal for our voice
The shape of the drum, the Circle, Communicates.
Each time we play we honor what it represents.
The Sun, The Moon, The EARTH
The Elements
The Cosmos
The Cycles of Life
The Womb
The pulse of Life
The First Sound
The Sound of the MOTHER
She is informing us
Her sounds speak to our ancient Hearts 
Miranda Rondeau

Frame Drum Circle Song descriptions

A path of devotion through drumming and singing.

*Learn one song or two as a goal.
*Experience the ability to drum and sing.
*Both medicinal vibration.
*What we sing plants seeds in the altar of our heart

The drum, the voice of the pulse of life echoed from the womb.
We entrain to the drum as we entrained to our mother.

Songs as offerings,as gratitudes, as ways to connect to the sun, the moon, the earth or as a way of remembrance.

You must already know how to play to follow along.

Heart of Frame Drumming Signature live recorded Workshops will get you started.

Full Moon Chant


Ma Chant
Asimple repetitive mantra to honor the cosmic Mother, all mothers, mother earth and the mother within.

Sun Chants
Played with mallets on frame drums A way to welcome and connect to the sun

* I am Peace chant
Affirmations that will change your frequency into calm and peace

May We Walk in Beauty
A song reminding us to walk in peace, in kindness, walk in mystery, in presence, in love and harmony

Level 2 ( 2-4 patterns )

Water the Seeds Chant
Reminds us to water the seeds of creativity, possibility, generosity, to contemplate infinity and the mystery.

May We Remember our Connection
Song to remind us of our connection to earth, water, fire, air, to each other and all of life.

We Celebrate the Darkness Song

Reminds us to create time to go within, to honor the silence, to make time to contemplate, to celebrate
the dark time in the womb where we can plant our seeds.

Everywhere I Turn
Song is inspired by Dances of Universal Peace where we sing to recognize the beauty, the divine in the other with the practice of eye gazing while singing. It includes extra video sharing the movements that go with the lyrics.

Circle of Life Song
A song to remind us that the circles we create our like circles of life. Each welcomed to the circle as a unique presence and contribution to the whole. We each are a an important part of the circle of life with gifts to share and a key for harmony. Sample of melody is in this video.

Frame Drum Circle Songs

in The Netherlands

"Oh my Goddess! I absolutely loved the Mini Intro Workshop! I love your energy and style of teaching! I look forward to the next workshops and learning more from you! "

Layne Redmond 1952 - 2013
Author of When the Drummers Were Women
Gratitude to my teacher, muse and inspiration

Women Frame Drumming
Dedicated to Layne Redmond, Mother of the modern frame drum movement

Miranda Rondeau is an internationally recognized devotional singer, musician, and frame drum artist. She has been teaching the craft since 1999, as encouraged by her late teacher Layne Redmond, author of the seminal book, When the Drummers Were Women.
Miranda has created and teaches a repertoire of frame drum "circle songs" as a way of sacred remembrance. She performs in a ceremonial context, playing for rites of passage and communal bonding.
She performed together with her students for house recitals, and public events.Miranda has taught in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and throughout California.
She taught at The Asheville Percussion Festival and has performed at Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival, International Biblical Frame Drum Festival, North American Frame Drum Festival, California and the First American Frame Drum Gathering.
Miranda has also studied with various teachers including David Kuckherman, Alessandra Belloni Zohar Fresco and currently with Yshai Afterman.

She also often is a guest presenter or drum teacher for online schools and programs like Shift network with Krista Holland, Global Rhythm Sangha with Christine Steven's, School of the Sacred Wild, New Earth Mystery School,

She also created and maintains the online presence for “Women Frame Drumming,” dedicated to Layne Redmond in her remembrance.

She is dedicated in reclaiming the frame drum as a sacred tool of remembrance.